Introducing a new ICT product and/or service requires a lot of effort. The today’s highly competitive environment is governed by the globalization, the fast changing technologies, the pressure to reduce 'time to market' and the cost effectiveness. Companies who succeed in this environment are the ones that take the right products to market, fast, efficiently and effectively. Using a systematic approach to Product Management the above statistics are significantly improved.




We do the following key Product Manage activities 

  •  Monitor market needs and requirements, taking into account future technology/developments, competitor products/services and the changing requirements of regulatory bodies.
  • Produce the Product Business Plan.
  • Manage and own the product / product portfolio.
  • Define and create “packages” from more than one product portfolio and provide innovative customer solutions.
  • Manage the product creation process by chairing the business teams.
  • Provide sales support (if needed).
  • Plan, organize and participate in product release presentations - both internal and external to the company.
  • Produce technology roadmaps for the product / product portfolio.
  • Develop and monitor critical success factors for the product in line with the product business plan.
  • Develop the after sales support policy for the product and the Service philosophy.