Consulting & Professional Services 

Modern business needs and fast moving and changing technology impose new Management and ICT methodologies and sourcing. It is a challenge to keep your business and ICT needs in sync and optimized. The fast delivery of new services to the business is crucial and vital. The CIOs need to support current and future demanding business operations with close cooperation with CMOs and CFOs. The CXOs must create an agile, more efficient, more secure and more mobile working environment. Selecting the right services and partners for innovative solutions and services has never been so important.


Advance Business Solutions (Abs) Management and ICT consulting company can add value to your business by providing strategy, management and architecture to help plan, build, improve and innovate your IT and business model. We provide these services horizontally in your organizations using  a range of technologies and delivery models including cloud, IT outsourcing/insourcing , network and communications​, data center, mobility, vendor management, Service Level Agreements(SLAs), software applications management.

Our professionals and partners in Europe and Middle East will advise you how to use technology and services to transform your ICT environment and bring innovation to your business. We help you align your business needs with the continuously changing technologies by developing a strategic roadmap. Such strategies can be but not limited to cloud (SaaS, IaaS, PaaS), IT-as-a-service, mobility, security.   

We work with you to architect a holistic solution that integrates new technologies with the legacy environment, in line with the IT strategy.  We identify the required changes to the ICT environment (Infrastructure, communications, security, applications and procedures) to make sure that the new service is in line with the business needs providing the appropriate return on investment.

As your strategic partner, we will help you implement, integrate, transition, manage and continually improve the solution and business model. Our disciplined, systematic approach brings consistency and quality throughout the project life.